Create The Coolest Patio on the Block

Create The Coolest Patio on the Block

Stone has long been appreciated for both its decorative and durable properties. Nothing makes a lasting statement more than a covered patio with stone pavers, a stone inlay garden getaway, or a poolside stone pathway. Whatever backyard retreat you have in mind for this coming summer, there are many stylish choices in the stone category. But many folks overlook selecting the right stones to stay “cool”.

For the coolest patio on the block Sandstone, or travertine are our top choices, with lower heat absorption than concrete , and are far more pleasing aesthetically.

As sandstone doesn't absorb heat rapidly, it will to stay cooler under foot and is therefore a good choice for entertaining areas. Travertine is generally a dense and durable material that is soft to the touch which makes it great for barefoot areas such as patios or pool surrounds.

Imported from Italy, Turkey, Mexico and the Middle East, the look and feel of travertine is perfect for Tuscan,  or Mediteranean design, and even used in the elegance of Asian simplicity.
Always, the matter of personal taste comes first in selecting suitable outdoor flooring. One of the appealing aspects of using stone is how its unique character can be used to display your own distinctive personality. 
As long as the stone you select for your project can keep it’s cool this summer, so will you.

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